Taxi drivers stopped work following the attack. | Michel's


Following the vicious assault on a taxi driver in Magalluf in the early hours of Tuesday morning, other drivers in Calvia say that aggressions are a nightly occurrence. One says that "we are going out to work without any defence". "We cannot carry an approved spray to be able to use in these types of situation."

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Another driver admits that there are issues with meeting the demand for taxis, "but that's a licensing problem, we're not to blame". However, they have been experiencing trouble that they haven't done for a long time. "If you don't stop, mirrors or windows get hit." One driver says that a female colleague in her sixties was pushed by an annoyed client and knocked to the ground. "It was as if this was normal."

On Tuesday morning, taxi drivers staged a protest. They stopped working and only responded to urgent calls. They are considering other protest action. "It's still early, but we are thinking about what we should do. We cannot continue like this." They are clear that there need to be more police in Magalluf. "If there were more officers, we would feel somewhat safer. That's obvious."