When all heat alerts are issued horse and carriages cannot operate. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The ban on the circulation of horse and carriages in Palma when the State Meteorological Agency activates yellow, orange or red warnings for high temperatures comes into force this Thursday.

The councillor for Sustainable Mobility, Francesc Dalmau, today claimed that the new rule is “more necessary than ever” and that unlike the previous decree, which prohibited circulation at certain times, the new rule prevents the horse and carriages from operating at all times when the warnings are in force.

Dalmau stressed the importance of this new regulation. “This new rule is more necessary than ever due to the high temperatures we have experienced this summer and it is the best way to guarantee the welfare of the horses”, he stressed.

The councillor pointed out that non-compliance could lead to fines of between 900 and 1,800 euros or even the withdrawal of the licence in serious cases.

Furthermore, the new regulation also introduces the prohibition of placing advertising elements, hats, ribbons, bells or other elements on the horse.

The modification of the ordinance introduces in article 24 of the regulation the prohibition of “making animals work when adverse weather phenomena are officially declared by yellow, orange or red warning of serious or very severe risk of temperatures”.

Likewise, article 37 of the regulation stipulates that “the driver must suspend the service when he finds that the vehicle or horse does not meet the conditions of safety, hygiene, comfort or physical condition as foreseen in article 24, until corrective measures are taken”.