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Deya town hall is trialling an automatic access control system for Cala Deya. Designed to prevent vehicle overcrowding in the summer and to ensure access for residents, the trial period will last for a fortnight

The mayor, Lluís Apesteguia, says that if it is successful - and it is expected to be - the system will become permanent. He explains that it operates like automatic barrier systems for car parks. "It counts the places that fill up and when it is full, the barrier lowers. If the vehicle wanting access belongs to a Deya resident, it will open, as there is a number plate reader to identify an authorised vehicle." The car park has fifty blue zone parking spaces plus a green zone reserved for Deya residents.

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Police have controlled access to the cove for a number of years, Apesteguia adding that there are often traffic jams, which are also a matter of "safety". In 2020, the Council of Mallorca installed an information panel for traffic control.

This move by the town hall comes against a background of the mayor's complaints about the volume of traffic in Deya in general.