There have been complaints about overcrowding at the Sa Foradada viewpoint in Deya. | Pilar Pellicer


Jaume Centes of the environmentalist organisation Terraferida says that he has been surprised by the fact that tourists are contacting them for the first time and are asking if they can do something to stop tourist overcrowding. He adds that new residents of Mallorca are saying the same, especially foreign residents who bought homes during the pandemic. "Mallorca is not the paradise they were sold."

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With the debate about tourism saturation currently raging, Centes explains that Terraferida launched the 2016 'Sense límits no hi ha futur' campaign (Without limits there is no future). Supported by 140 groups and individuals, the campaign led to a document with fifty measures. These were agreed with President Armengol and the then president of the Council of Mallorca, Miquel Ensenyat. "Of those 50 measures, 49 have not been applied. The only thing we have achieved is that all cruise ship passengers pay the tourist tax."

Margalida Ramis of another environmentalist organisation, GOB, says that "what we are experiencing is the obvious consequence of not knowing how to understand two limits: accommodation capacity and resources". "The only positive aspect is that the debate is being socialised. We can all now see the saturation, and this even affects the perception of tourists themselves."