Illegal emergency landing was carried out iun Palma last November. | A Sepulveda


One of the fugitives from the plane of immigrants that made a bogus emergency landing at Palma airport last November is now in prison and there are currently only three Moroccans who have not yet been arrested by the police and the Guardia Civil.

The latest arrest was carried out last July in Barcelona and, since then, he has been held in custody.

The magistrate in charge of the case took his statement in August after prosecuting him and his colleagues for sedition and coercion.

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The Air Arabia flight that had taken off from Casablanca landed in Palma on 5 November last year.
23 passengers rushed out onto the runways, twelve of whom were immediately arrested, including the passenger who faked the illness sparking the emergency landing.

The court put out a search and arrest warrant for those who were missing and they are gradually located: arrests have since been made in Inca and Palma and the latter in Barcelona.
The judicial investigation of the case is practically closed.

Last April, the head of the Court of Instruction 6 agreed to prosecute all those under investigation: 22 passengers on the plane and two other people identified later for helping the escapees on the island.
The magistrate maintains that it was a preconceived plan to enter Spain illegally that was hatched up on Facebook.
The incident led to temporary the closure of Palma airport.