Fire fighters had the blaze under control within an hour. | A Sepulveda


A fire declared around 5:30 p.m. this Monday afternoon has forced the eviction of dozens of residents of sa Indioteria. The fire has started on the land of a farm on the old path of Buñola.

The notice to 112 has been given by several witnesses. The first to arrive at the scene were the National Police patrols and a Civil Protection vehicle that was nearby. Upon verifying that the flames were growing, the agents have begun to evict several residents from the houses closest to the fire.

Minutes later, several crews from the Palma Fire Brigade appeared and, along with five helicopters, worked against the clock to put out the fire, which caused alarm among residents of the area. The intense smoke was visible from several points of the Balearic capital. Little more than an hour after the flames started, the fire has been controlled and the neighbors have been able to return to their respective homes.