The law is designed to protect natural areas. | Archive


On June 27, the Balearic government approved the text of a new law for the "conservation of environmental importance". This has to be taken to parliament, and interested parties have had the chance to present their submissions prior to the parliamentary process. The CAEB Confederation of Balearic Business Associations and the associations representing builders and developers have filed their submissions and want much of it to be amended or withdrawn completely.

The greatest concerns that the employers have relate to the processing of environmental protection zones, such as those for the protection of birds. During this processing, municipal building licences and urban planning will be suspended.

They argue that the text does not provide a "stable, predictable, integrated, clear and certain" regulatory framework. They add it is essentially incomprehensible and that there isn't a "single word" about compensation that may arise from denial of development.

The law would give "exorbitant powers" to the government to make "carte blanche decisions lacking justification" and would leave individuals "in a position of total insecurity", even when they have obtained the relevant rights.