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The Balearic environment ministry's directorate for waste has fined Pollensa town hall 3,000 euros for failing to supply reports in respect of building waste from work being carried out at the Hotel Formentor.

The director-general for waste, Sebastià Sansó, says that a report on the management of this waste was requested on two occasions, explaining that the government requires this information "for supervision and approval".

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He adds that whenever the ministry has requested information from the developers, this has been presented. But in the case of the waste management study, which has to come from the town hall, there wasn't a report. "Initiating a sanctioning procedure is the last resort. We have tried to obtain the information by other means, but as it has not been provided, we take this to be an obstruction of our task of monitoring and controlling waste management."

Former mayor and now deputy mayor for urban planning, Tomeu Cifre, has said that work on the hotel had "all the favourable reports", among which must be the waste management plan.