The opposition maintain that this is a dumping of rubble. | Junts Avançam


Llorenç Mas, the Balearic government's director-general for natural spaces and biodiversity, has written to Pollensa town hall requesting information regarding the redevelopment and expansion of the Hotel Formentor.

This is in response to complaints lodged with the environment ministry by two opposition groups at the town hall - Junts Avançam and Alternativa per Pollença. They maintain that there has been dumping of building waste from work at the hotel on protected land in Formentor.

In his letter, Mas points to the town hall not having requested a mandatory report in respect of "the conservation of spaces of environmental relevance". He asks the town hall to forward information regarding the "deposit of excavation materials".

Last week, Junts Avançam, the main opposition group, publicly denounced "the dumping of thousands of tonnes of rubble and demolition remains" in a protected area. Junts have also called on the Council of Mallorca's agency for the defence of territory to halt work at the hotel.

Tomeu Cifre, the former mayor and and now deputy mayor with responsibility for urban planning, explained last week that the town hall did draw up the report to which Mas is referring but that it did not plan to stop the work. He denied that rubble had been dumped, saying that the material is aggregate from excavation that the owners want to use for roads in the area.