Television brings the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth to Magalluf. | Teresa Ayuga


In Magalluf, one of the principal British resorts in Mallorca, holidaymakers were stunned by the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Around half seven on Thursday evening, visitors to the island huddled together to watch television. One bar worker commented that there was suddenly a "rush of people" gathering to see and hear the news that many had begun to fear during a day when it had become clear that concerns for the former Queen's health were very serious.

Mick Rathbone from Leicestershire spoke for so many: "I'm 59 and she is the only queen I have ever known. It's a sad day." David and Sylvia Petton heard the news on British television while having a drink on a bar terrace. "We'll continue our holidays, but they'll not be the same."

"It's the end of an era," said Wendy and Richard Altringham from Newcastle. They, like others, referred to Queen Elizabeth as a symbol of stability and unity.

And for Mallorca, it was a time to reflect on the visit that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip made to the island in 1988, when they were the guests of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.