Police with robbery suspects. | Guillermo Esteban


On Wednesday night, Palma police arrested six people after a woman was robbed at knifepoint. Around 10.30pm, the woman was walking along C. Joan Crespí with her partner when she saw a group of people who looked like trouble. She phoned her sister, who told her to come home, but suddenly a woman from this group came at her with a knife and snatched a bag.

The victim's sister was driving with her partner and managed to locate five of the six. "I got out of the car and ran to the top of C. Calafat. My father, my uncle and my mother were watching from the balcony. All the neighbours were watching on as well and gave us indications as to where they were."

Several police patrol cars went to the scene. The woman's sister says that the one with the knife fled in the direction of the park. "I told my boyfriend that we had to go and look for her." Meanwhile, a family friend had cut off four of the group. "I thought he was a plainclothes policeman," said the sister.

When the police caught up with them, the woman who had brandished the knife insisted that she hadn't been carrying a knife. Another said that he had only just gone out, while a third said that he had had nothing to do with the incident and angrily started to hit the shutters of a shop.