The assault occurred after the plane landed. | Archive


On Monday, a court in Palma will hear the case of a Briton who attacked British millionaire Neil Endley after a flight from Birmingham to Palma had landing on September 18, 2020.

At the pre-trial hearing, the Prosecutor's Office will be demanding a two-year sentence plus payment of 3,000 euros to Mr. Endley and a total payment of 1,320 euros to four Guardia Civil officers who were also attacked.

The accused, 29 at the time, had earlier flown into a rage when he was refused more drink on a Ryanair flight from Birmingham. Mr. Endley, who explained afterwards that he had absolutely no association with this passenger, was kicked in the head and punched several times. Part of his right ear was then bitten off.

Guardia Civil officers who went to the scene were attacked and suffered injuries.