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Adopuma, the association which represents beach bar businesses, is demanding the transfer of powers for Balearic coasts "as quickly as possible". The Spanish government has agreed to make this transfer of responsibility from the state Costas Authority to the regional government, but there is as yet no date. It had been suggested that this would happen by the end of the year, but the Balearic minister for the presidency, Mercedes Garrido, recently admitted that no timeframe had been set.

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The association wants a transfer agreement similar to that for the Canaries, and the urgency stems from "the suppression of permits to some beach bars by the Costas Authority". Adopuma argues that there should be coastal management that addresses "the specific characteristics" of the Balearics. “We are asking political parties in the Balearic parliament to raise motions they consider appropriate in order to speed up the transfer of powers."

Recent examples of intervention by the Costas include El Bungalow in Ciudad Jardín and beachfront terraces in Porto Cristo and S'Illot. While Adopuma held an encouraging meeting with Garrido of PSOE, its president, Jaume Perelló, has suggested that the situation might not improve if the political management of the environment ministry (Més) remains the same. Responsibilities for the coasts would come under this ministry.