Fartàritx has maximum environmental protection. | Podemos (Podem, Pollença)


Fartàritx in Pollensa is for sale for three million euros. It has been since March 2020, which was when the family who own this finca notified authorities in Mallorca that it was up for sale.

This is a finca of high environmental and heritage value. Located in the Tramuntana Mountains, its area is just under 1,000,000 square metres (96.6 hectares). Given that it has maximum environmental protection, it cannot be developed. Nevertheless, it could potentially pass it into other private hands, which is something that Podemos at Pollensa town hall want to avoid.

Councillor Michael Muller says that "it would be ideal to acquire the finca, so that there can be new additions to the Dry Stone Route and that a mountain refuge could be created in the future". In addition, it could become "a reference centre for environmental education" and to discover more about Pollensa.

Podemos point to the recent purchase of the Sa Tanca finca in Alcudia (now part of the Pollentia excavation site) and to current processing to acquire the old Alcanada power station site and the Alaro Castle estate as examples of ensuring preservation of heritage assets. They argue that the same should be done for Fartàritx.

Muller suggests that the finca could be purchased with tourist tax revenue or with EU Next Generation funds (on account of it being within a Unesco World Heritage Site). But more than anything, he is calling for "more action and fewer meetings and words" by authorities such as the Council of Mallorca. "It would be inexcusable for the current period of administration to end without this purchase. Bearing in mind that right-wing parties do not believe in public matters and would not even consider this purchase, we cannot risk that."

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