The new global TV promotion campaign was presented today in Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The television channels Eurosport, Global Cycling Network, Golf Digest and Golf TV, all part of the Warner Bros company, will promote Mallorca as a sports destination, the Council of Mallorca announced today.

The new initiative was presented by the Councillor for Tourism and Sports, Andreu Serra, the vice-president of Global AD Sales & Partnerships - Warner Bros - Discovery, Sacha Layer; and the general manager of the UCI Track Champions League, Florian Pavia.

The representatives of the audiovisual group highlighted that the promotional campaign which started in 2021 will continue, specifically the broadcasting of a new spot on Mallorca as a sports destination, broadcast simultaneously in 52 European countries; the broadcasting of content on paddle tennis, triathlon and cycling in Mallorca, as well as the broadcasting of programmes about golf on Mallorca.

Serra stressed the importance of “this promotional action, which helps to consolidate some of the main axes of the strategy: the deseasonalisation of the destination and the consolidation of the sports tourism product.

“Mallorca is already an international benchmark in this field, as the natural environment, the Mediterranean climate and the excellent infrastructures make us leaders in this sector,” he said.

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Sacha Layer stressed that what is being presented is a continuation of the action carried out in 2021, which was based on “the analysis and identification of the destination’s promotional needs” to promote the island as a year-round destination through sporting activities and events which are of particular interest in the autumn, winter and spring.

During the presentation, the new edition of the UCI Track Champions League, which will also be held on the island, was also announced.

“The UCI Track Champions League feature the 72 best track cyclists in the world, competing in five laps, in the best velodromes in Europe, in a unique, very innovative and absolutely spectacular sporting format. Our aim is to restore track cycling to the popularity it deserves and to make it more accessible, easier to follow and more entertaining. All this, while raising it to the highest sporting level”, said the general director of the event, Florian Pavia.

In terms of media coverage, the premiere of the UCI Track Champions League in Mallorca generated more than 1,000 articles on digital media, 2.3 billion hits and more than 16 million euros in media value.

In terms of television audience, 8.7 million viewers were reached on Eurosport, which equates to a media value of more than 14 million euros, based on a total of 30 hours of broadcasting in 54 countries and in more than 20 languages for the stage held in the Balearic velodrome in Palma.

The organisation has set a special reduced entrance price of 10 euros so that as many local people as possible can attend, while the price for non-residents is 25 euros.