María Frontera says more hotels are staying open longer this winter. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Around 50 percent of the hotels which are members of the Mallorca Hotel Federation (FEHM) will remain open in November, and around 25 percent all winter, according to the president, María Frontera, today.

Frontera said that from the second week of November establishments will gradually close, although the final figures will depend on factors such as air connectivity, how the resorts indeed to operate and the type of products on offer.

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This winter, around 25 percent of the hotels are expected to remain open, but “everything will depend on the economic situation” and especially the variables affecting the main outbound market, Germany, on which Mallorcan hotels are highly dependent during the winter.

Frontera stressed that hoteliers are demonstrating “commitment and responsibility” to continue to encourage seasonality, as these opening figures are higher than the figures for 2019 and 2021.

However, the president of the hoteliers association stressed that tourists are not only looking for accommodation, “but a completely open destination” and that “means that the complementary offer must also be open” and that the administrations work on issues such as the cleaning of beaches and tourist areas, “which they often only do during the summer season”.