El Bungalow, threatened with demolition. | Pere Bota


Environmentalists GOB have made a demand to the national ministry for ecological transition (and therefore the Costas Authority) for the demolition of the El Bungalow restaurant in Ciudad Jardín, Palma.

The organisation has lodged a claim of illegal occupation of the public maritime domain against the restaurant and is insisting that work carried out years ago should be demolished and that the area be restored to what it was prior to the construction of the original property (a bungalow), which goes way back to 1912.

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The owners have used this property as a restaurant for forty years and have reiterated on numerous occasions that they do not agree with the demolition order. They say that they will chain themselves to the restaurant if necessary. It occupies a space of 437 square metres and has the necessary activity licence.

However, there is an issue regarding a Costas concession. The ministry has in fact turned down this concession and given a period of six months for demolition. GOB's claim is "a matter of form", given that a request for a concession cannot be processed. Even so, the owners are clear that before the bungalow there was only rock and not beach.