The demonstration was in January 2021. | Jaume Morey


In January 2021, an unauthorised protest in Palma against Covid restrictions led to incidents for which the Prosecutor's Office is demanding sentences of up to four and a half years.

The protest was primarily against restrictions applied to hospitality in the Balearics. The main organiser was Victor Sánchez, who headed a group referred to as Resistencia Balear. The prosecutor maintains that Sánchez ignored the prohibition of the demonstration by the national government delegation in the Balearics. It was held at a time when a Level 4 health alert was in place, which in itself "could have put the health of those attending at very high risk".

Sánchez went ahead with the protest against the closure of bars and restaurants and therefore accepted "the consequences of his decision". He did not take any measures to "guarantee the smooth running of the gathering" and knew that violent episodes could occur, and which happened.

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Up to 4,000 people took part. Many were not wearing masks and were not adhering to health security measures. When the protest began to get out of control, Sánchez left, ignoring what was happening. After his departure, the gathering became an "uncontrolled demonstration". There were "violent acts", including attacks on police vans and the throwing of objects at officers who sought to prevent protesters from accessing official buildings.

The most serious incidents, according to the prosecutor, were committed by Ismael Mansilla and Israel Sanandrés. Mansilla tried to enter the Balearic parliament building. He was confronted by officers and threw a stone which broke a window. Sanandrés lit a flare and threw objects at police officers.

The Prosecutor's Office is to therefore press for sentences of two years for Sánchez, four and a half years for Mansilla and three and a half years for Sanandrés. The case still has some way to go before reaching the Provincial Court, as its processing has yet to be completed by the court of instruction.