EasyJet holidays has launched a solution to avoid costly winter bills but Mallorca is out in the cold. Despite many of the leading holiday destinations on the mainland and the Canary Islands launching a drive to attract so-called "thermal tourists" Mallorca is doing nothing. For many years thousands of British pensioners would come to Mallorca for the winter to escape the cold and the bills. What Spain is doing, though, is introducing a Nomad visa which will allow people who work remotely to pay less tax and also they will be able to reside in Spain for up to five years.

The British travel company has presented a 28-day ‘Escape the UK’ holiday it says is cheaper than meeting the cost of the average UK household’s monthly winter bills. Priced at £650 per person, per month the all-inclusive holiday covers travel, accommodation, food and outgoings like broadband and gym membership. It says it comes out £227 cheaper per person than staying in the UK according to ONS data. Brits who book a 28-day stay in 5-star Stella Gardens Resort in Egypt will enjoy all-inclusive meals, a free spa and gym facility, free Wi-Fi and TV streaming services.

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Free snacks and unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also offered.

The package is suited to those who can work remotely.