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The 'Rolex gang' is the description for members of an Italian organised criminal group who make short visits to cities such as Palma with the intention of stealing valuable watches. The way of operation is always the same. The gang acts in pairs. One grabs a watch from a target's wrist, while the other waits on a motorcycle that has been hired under someone else's name. The crime committed, and they return to Italy. Unless they are caught.

Around 8pm on August 24, 2018, a Patek Philippe watch worth 30,000 euros was snatched from the wrist of a man as he was entering the Plaça Major car park in Palma. This man was Adolfo Suárez Illana, the son of the Adolfo Suárez who led the democratic transition of Spain after the death of Franco.

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On Thursday, a Palma court sentenced one of the pair to two years and nine months, the other to two years and six months and barred them both from entering Mallorca for five years. They also have to pay Adolfo Suárez compensation for the watch, which wasn't recovered. A mitigating factor was that 2,900 euros have so far been paid.

The two Italians charged with the theft of a Patek Phillippe valued at 30,050 euros from Adolfo Súarez Illana in Palma yesterday recognized the facts through videoconference in a criminal court in the Balearic capital and accepted sentences that add up to five years and three years between them. months in jail.