Check your euro change. | Guardia Civil


A two-euro scam is sweeping across the Balearics and Spain and it is not the first time.
The Guardia Civil has issued a warning that Turkish lira is being put into circulation as if they were two euro coins.

There is a very close similarity between the two currencies and many people end up confusing them and therein lies the trap: the value of one and the other has nothing to do with each other.

On social media networks, the Guardia Civil has warned that an increasing number of people are finding them in their change from vending machines.

In addition to the economic value (the lira is 0.32 euros), there are other details that differentiate the two coins. On one side of the Turkish lira is a ‘1’ accompanied by a crescent moon and a star and the inscription “Yeni Türk Lirasi”. The other side shows a portrait of Kemal Atatürk.

The scam is not only taking place with the euro, the Turkish lira also has other similarities with other currencies such as the Argentine peso, the South African rand, the Thai baht and the Moroccan dirham so keep your eyes peeled.