Spanish immigration legal experts CostaLuz Lawyers have reported receiving over 1,000 enquiries about Spain’s new digital nomad visa, despite the visa not yet having been passed into law.

“We’ve been contacted by freelancers, founders, remote workers and entrepreneurs from around the world about the new digital nomad visa, including many from the UK. There is clearly going to be huge demand for this visa, with many of those we’ve spoken to planning to apply the moment the process opens,” said María Luisa de Castro, (

At present the new law has passed through the Spanish parliament and is awaiting approval by the senate. This will take place sometime before 31st March 2023, with many believing it could happen as early as January. The law is designed to make Spain an attractive destination for global talent across a range of industries. It will make it easier to start a company in Spain by streamlining the process and paperwork involved in setting up a business. It will also reduce the tax burden on companies and entrepreneurs.

The new law also introduces a digital nomad visa, which will permit the visa holder to stay in Spain for up to five years, including bringing their spouse and any dependent children. The holder will be eligible for a reduced rate of non-resident income tax during their stay, with a tax rate of 15% for four years, instead of the usual rate of 25%.