The mirador in Deya last summer. | Pilar Pellicer


The law for the Tramuntana Mountains, which has been drafted by the Council of Mallorca, could open the way to more restrictions on traffic like those for the Formentor peninsula during the summer.

Specifically to do with the mountains' cultural landscape, the draft contains a sustainable mobility plan that aims to minimise the impact of vehicles. It states that "in order to avoid crowding that could cause damage to certain areas with heritage, landscape and natural values", temporary limitations on access could be applied.

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There will also be the possibility of establishing a maximum number of "temporary activities with motor vehicles", such as car or motorbike rallies. Residents in the Tramuntana have been calling for a complete ban on organised events.

As well as potential restrictions, the plan envisages an increase in car parking away from the centres of villages and real-time measurement of the concentration of vehicles. This measurement could mean specific traffic access controls.

There is an emphasis on public transport. The plan calls for more buses and for bus shuttle services (electric buses) like the one that operates for Formentor in the summer.