The price of eggs is up almost 40%. | Archive


According to a market analysis by the Consubal consumers association in the Balearics, the cost of the average shopping basket has risen by 70% since December 2021.

Of standard items, the price of sunflower oil has risen the most - by 148%. Chicken has gone up by 139%, pork by 132% and pasta by 102%. Less steep have been increases in the price of olive oil (62%), rice (56%), eggs (39%) and milk (32%).

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The president of Consubal, Alfonso Rodríguez, says that the average family needs 695 euros per month to purchase basic day-to-day products, getting on for twice as much as a year ago. The study was based on the prices of white brands sold by two of the main supermarket chains in the Balearics.

He adds that there has been an increase of 30% since July and is critical of distributors and producers who "allege that price increases are due to the increased cost of electricity and fuel". But this has fallen for three consecutive months, while food prices have continued to rise. "We don't understand why this is. This said, the distribution chain is very long and there are elements that do not add any value but just increase prices."