At the awards ceremony. | MDB


Each year, the environmentalist organisation GOB makes oak and cement awards; oak for a positive contribution to the environment, cement for a negative contribution.

The 42nd awards ceremony was held on Wednesday evening at the Teatre Mar i Terra in Palma. There were three cement awards (no one was there to actually receive them). These went to the airports authority Aena, the Balearic Ports Authority and the Council of Mallorca's tourism foundation, which is essentially the Council's tourism department.

The Council's award was "for its policy of intensifying and promoting tourism despite the climate emergency and its distance from sustainability". The ports authority was an award winner "for its policy on mega-cruise ships in the port of Palma, envisaging further increases in this type of tourism at the expense of the city, public health and pollution".

Aena received its award for the fourth consecutive year. This was "for its repeated and insistent contribution to the overcrowding of Mallorca and global warming and for its willingness to expand the airport's operations despite the opposition of civil society and institutions".

As to the winners of the oak award, these included the Platform Against Mega-Cruise Ships.