Police were called to the incident around dawn. (Archive image.) | Michel's


Around dawn on Monday, the Guardia Civil and Llucmajor police responded to calls from neighbours concerned for the safety of a woman after her partner had returned home from a night of drinking and they heard screams and the sound of things being smashed.

When officers arrived, they pounded on the door. However, the 27-year-old man wouldn't open it. They eventually forced their way in, at which he point he attacked officers, causing an injury to a police officer's leg and cutting the face of a Guardia Civil officer. There was damage to furniture, and it took time to calm him down.

Although the woman said that he had not physically mistreated her, he was arrested for gender violence; officers believed that there was a clear case of psychological abuse. The neighbours who had called the police stressed their fears for the woman's safety.