Fina González on the day that her shop closed. | Jaume Morey


The Balearic government has created a catalogue of 'emblematic shops', qualification for which includes their history. A key aim of this project is to protect local businesses in a market increasingly dominated by franchises and brand names.

So far, 28 municipalities in the Balearics are associated with the project; town halls are the institutions which have to propose emblematic status based on criteria such as heritage and appearance. In all, there are at present 254 shops, the largest number (21.5% of the total) being bakeries.

For different reasons, some of these shops close. In 2022, three were lost - Calzados La Elegancia in Palma, Calzado Can Rapinya in Algaida, and Alejandra in Mahon.

Information about these shops is available at Emblemàtics Balears – Comerços de les Illes Balears (