Deya, a small population with a high number of empty properties. | Teresa Ayuga


Population statistics for Deya indicate that there were 674 inhabitants in 2022. Town hall figures show that in this small municipality there are 196 properties that are permanently unoccupied. In other words, they don't have any registered occupants or any economic activity licence. Many of these properties belong to foreign as well as Mallorcan businesses or "millionaires", notes the town hall.

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Last year, the town hall amended its ordinance governing rates. A 50% surcharge will be applied where the permanent vacancy of homes cannot be justified.

The mayor, Lluís Apesteguía, has issued a reminder to anyone who has a permanently unoccupied home that there is the possibility of it being used for social rent. "We will take care of everything and will pay 6.30 euros per square metre (to a monthly maximum of €923). A rates discount of 95% will be applied. Above all, we wish to ensure that the housing is used for its social function, which is to accommodate people."