The Three Kings outside the church in Sineu. | Juanjo Roig


The Three Kings parade in Sineu on Thursday ran into something of a snag. When the Kings arrived at Santa Maria Church for the adoration of the baby Jesus, Baltasar informed the parade's organisers that he couldn't enter the church because he's a Muslim.

A town hall councillor, Pedro Álvarez, tried to persuade Baltasar to go in but he was unsuccessful. In the end, the Kings remained outside the church, where children were photographed with them. The traditional welcoming speech, usually held inside the church, also had to be scrapped.

Councillor Álvarez wished to stress that the rest of the parade was a complete success and that people shouldn't attach any importance to the matter at the church.

This was in fact the third time that this particular Baltasar had taken part in the celebrations. But in 2021 and 2022 there hadn't been parades because of the pandemic and therefore no adoration in the church.