Demonstration in late 2017 against the Cursach investigations. | Pere Bota


A demonstration has been called for January 29 at which those affected by the 'Cursach case' will be demanding resignations.

The protestors will be calling for the resignations of the mayor, José Hila, and a councillor, Angelica Pastor, who used to be responsible for the city's police force. There will also be a demand to review the sentence passed on a Palma town hall official, Rafael Puigrós. He was the last official to be imprisoned when Judge Manuel Penalva and prosecutor, Miguel Ángel Subirán, were in charge of investigations into Tolo Cursach, the owner of BCM, and various others. Puigrós is currently serving a three and a half year sentence in the prison in Castellón (Valencia).

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A brother of Rafael Puigrós has requested permission for the demonstration from the Spanish government's delegation in the Balearics. The initial estimate is that some 400 people will take part. They will include employees of the Cursach Group who were left without work after the closures of BCM, Mega Park and Mega Sport as well as members of the police force.

The organisers allege that Hila and Pastor collaborated with the investigations and with so-called 'honest police officers', who accused certain colleagues and are themselves now under investigation following the acquittals of Tolo Cursach and all other defendants.

They argue that the Cursach case investigations enabled the mayor and the councillor to "restructure" the police to their liking, substituting commanders "purged" by Penalva and Subirán with their own trusted commanders.