The replica pistol. | Guardia Civil


The Pollensa-Alcudia brigade of the Guardia Civil has arrested a 16-year-old teenager as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of threats and public disorder after pointing a simulated gun at an officer.

According to the Guardia Civil, the incident took place on Monday.
An off-duty officer was driving through Alcudia and had to slow down because a scooter driven by a young man was in the middle of the road.

Once he moved to the left lane, the officer overtook him and when he was barely a metre and a half away, the young man, who was wearing a hood and had his face covered, pointed a pistol at him.
The officer alerted the Guardia Civil and the local police, given the seriousness of the situation for public safety.

The officer took advantage of the fact that the man kept the gun in his sweatshirt and decided to act without waiting for the police, intercepted him and searched him until he found the gun in a pocket of his sweatshirt.

After checking the gun, it turned out to be an exact replica of the Walter P99 9mm, which does not contain any replica indicator and is an exact copy of the original.
After his arrest he was handed over to his parents.