The presentation of the campaign in Palma. | Laura Becerra


A group of residents supported by the Association for the Revitalisation of Old Town Centres (ARCA) presented the campaign ‘Patinetes y Bicis a Raya’ (Control Scooters and Bicycles) today to stop scooters and bicycles from riding on the pavements and other pedestrian areas in Palma and future protest action is not being ruled out.

“We defend the right to walk with public safety in the face of the surge in the use of scooters and bicycles, which invade the pavements any lack of municipal control”, criticised ARCA.

They stress that pedestrian areas should and must be just that: for pedestrians only.
“In recent years in Palma there has been a lack of municipal control of bicycles and electric scooters on pavements and in pedestrian areas. We cannot allow such incivility in an advanced society like ours”, Arca stated.

In addition, Jaume Pla pointed out that the campaign is aimed at pedestrians, public representatives and users of scooters and bikes, and that one of his first requests is that the cycle lane should not cross Plaça d’Espanya and Carrer de Blanquerna.

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“We want to make positive and constructive proposals so that the seriousness of the problem is understood. We are asking for the collaboration of the general public to get this message across to more people, including on social media,” he said.

Among those who attended the presentation of the campaign was Palma-resident Maria Fuster who suffered an accident with an electric scooter that has left her temporarily in a wheelchair.
“My life has changed suddenly one day when I was going shopping. I came out of the shop and an electric scooter that was speeding along the pavement crashed into me. I am taking part in this campaign so that no one else goes through the pain that I have gone through and am going through”, she said.

Fuster was taken to Son Espases Hospital where she underwent surgery because she had three fractures in her tibia and fibula.

“I have personally gone through a period of great sadness because, at least until next summer, I won’t be able to use crutches. Now I always need help from friends and family to go to the doctor and rehabilitation,” she added.