Tolo Cursach (centre) with others.


The fallout from the collapsed trial of Tolo Cursach and others continues.

The Prosecutor's Office is calling for huge sentences in respect of the initial investigating judge, Manuel Penalva, and anti-corruption prosecutor, Miguel Ángel Subirán - 118 years and 121 and nine months, respectively. These demands for, among other things, fifteen illegal arrests relate primarily to the so-called 'ORA case' - the awarding of the blue zones parking contract in Palma.

This case was only indirectly linked to the investigation of the BCM owner, the Prosecutor's Office demands adding certain aspects of the latter to its sentencing call, which would effectively mean twenty years for both Penalva and Subirán. There are also demands regarding members of the National Police money laundering unit, associated with both the Cursach and the ORA cases.

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Where the Cursach trial was concerned, there were private prosecutions in addition to the discredited prosecution that Penalva and Subirán had initiated. Rulings by the Provincial Court in Palma regarding these are being appealed and taken to the Supreme Court in Madrid.

In effect, the appeals apply only to events in Calvia - Magalluf specifically. The lawyer representing businesspeople in Magalluf is seeking that they be exempt from costs of the procedures against Tolo Cursach and Tolo Sbert, his number two at the Cursach Group, as the accusations were not "reckless" and is also trying to prevent the deduction of testimony against all the main whistleblowers for lying.

Teresa Bueyes, the lawyer, is in fact demanding an annulment of the entire trial and that the whole case be re-investigated. She maintains that a series of incidents and alleged coercion in Magalluf were left out of the investigation and prosecution procedure.