Son Banya and the baby who suffered the burns. | MDB


Five days ago, an 18-month-old boy was admitted to the intensive care unit of a Palma hospital after boiling water fell on him.

The accident happened at a dwelling in the Son Banya shanty town. The child's mother slipped while she was carrying a pot of boiling water. The boy suffered severe burns to various parts of his body.

Son Banya residents say that this would never have happened had it not been for the terrible conditions they are living under. Pipes and drains are blocked and workers don't seem to want to go and clear them as "they are afraid that something might happen to them".

One resident says that "we take out buckets of black water every day". "It comes out from under the tiles and floods everything. We have never experienced a situation like this. It's a matter of public health, as people will start to get ill."

The mother of the baby slipped because the floor was wet. The patriarch of Son Banya, Carlos Cortés aka 'El Chali', is outraged by what has happened and has called for urgent town hall action. "It's not human that there are women and children living in these conditions. Not even animals live like this in the 21st century."

The boy is making a good recovery and is now due to be transferred from ICU to a ward.