One of those arrested. | Policia Nacional


On Thursday, the National Police detained three males, one of them under the age of 13, in connection with a brawl that occurred in Palma's Plaça Espanya on January 2.

The arrests were at two squats in the Santa Catalina district, although in the case of the boy, the police had to refer the matter to the Prosecutor's Office for Minors. Because of his age, it was necessary to request "protective measures". The other two, a Brazilian and a Spaniard, are 22 and 19 respectively. All three, it would appear, had been squatting in the bank branch by Palma police headquarters on Avda. Sant Ferran (entry to which has now been blocked). The boy had escaped from a shelter centre in Santa Maria.

The incident in Plaça Espanya was a result of firecrackers being thrown by a group of youths who included the three. Their targets were some other young people, one of whom responded by telling them to stop. He and others were then attacked. They were kicked and punched and the boy pulled out a knife and stabbed one of them in the stomach; he required hospital treatment.