The National Police were called to the hostel. | Archive


On Friday last week, the National Police arrested a 27-year-old South Korean tourist for the sexual assault of a pregnant woman in a hostel in Palma.

The woman, 24 and from Venezuela, was sharing a room at the hostel on C. Arxiduc Lluís Salvador with three other people, including the man who was arrested. Around 6.30pm, she went for a rest on her bunk in the room and turned off the light.

Some moments later, a person got into her bed, grabbed her tightly by the neck, touched her in an intimate manner and photographed her. The two other people who were sharing the room opened the door, and he went to his own bunk. After the two had left, he returned to the woman's bed and repeated his actions. When the two again entered the room, he left her bed and the woman went for a shower.

She had a male friend who was staying in another room. She sent him a WhatsApp message, and he confronted the South Korean man, who started to delete photos from his phone before being grabbed and thrown to the floor.

The National Police were called and they arrested the South Korean. He appeared in court on Saturday, had his passport withdrawn and was released pending a further court decision.