Business groups have responded with indignation to the Spanish government's decree.


The Balearic government will not permit the sale of food prepared at home. This decision follows publicity given to a Spanish government decree to allow this. Under the terms of the decree, regional administrations have powers to modify it or not adopt it.

Two reasons have been given - potential unfair competition and health risks. Restaurants, bakers and others have already expressed these concerns, while they have also raised doubts as to whether inspectors would be able to enter private homes without court authorisation. It is unclear how it can be verified that individuals will meet regulatory requirements.

It could be that there are "specific and justified cases" whereby the government would give authorisation - if it can be established that there is no unfair competition or health risk. Otherwise, there will not be.

The decree in effect allows part of a person's home to be used as a retail establishment. Products made at home cannot be consumed on the premises.