Government has approved lifting masks on transport from tomorrow. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


From tomorrow, 8 February, masks will no longer be compulsory on public transport in the Balearics and across Spain.

However, the Spanish Society of Epidemiology has said that although the obligatory use of masks is being lifted, they are still useful in certain circumstances and should be considered as a public health and health education tool, beyond Covid.

Experts say that the mask continues to be particularly recommended for people with respiratory symptoms compatible with Covid, influenza, colds, and other respiratory infections.

This practice, which is common in other countries, is a matter of individual responsibility and respect for the health of others.

Vulnerable people, who are at higher risk of developing serious diseases, are also a population group among whom masks continue to be recommended, including the elderly, pregnant women, and people with cardiovascular disease, cancer or immunosuppression, among others.

The Society recommends that both vulnerable people and those with symptoms wear the mask in enclosed, crowded or poorly ventilated places and in public transport, sporting events, cinemas, restaurants, or shopping centres, as well as in health centres and pharmacies, where its use continues to be mandatory.

The Spanish Society of Epidemiology stresses the importance of the recommended groups continuing to be vaccinated, given that vaccinated people are at less risk of becoming infected and of presenting serious symptoms if they contract Covid.

Finally, the scientific society said that measures such as maintaining ventilation in enclosed spaces and hand washing continue to be effective in protecting us, whether from Covid or other respiratory viruses.

Spanish Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, said that the Coronavirus measures will be coordinated throughout the whole country as soon as the decision officially enters into force.

Furthermore, Darias pointed out that all decisions related to the Covid measures that have been taken so far have been agreed upon by the International Council of the National Health System.

In comparison to last year, the number of Covid infection cases in Spain has significantly fallen.
Data provided by the World Health Organisation show that Spain has recorded 9,053 new infection cases in the last seven days. The same source reveals that during this period, Spain recorded 278 new deaths.

Regarding vaccination rates, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control discloses that 85.9 per cent of the adult population had completed primary vaccination.

Moreover, another 67.4 per cent has received the first booster dose, and 22.2 per cent have received a second booster shot.