The Sa Calobra landslide. | Escorca council


One of the most famous and most popular routes for cyclists in Europe, not to mention tourists, Sa Calobra road, has today been closed by the Council of Mallorca after a large dry stone wall gave way and collapsed, probably as a result of the heavy rain over the past ten days.

Only residents with a vehicle identification card can access the road, according to Escorca Council.
The landslide occurred at around 12:50 p.m. according to the emergency services.

The Guardia Civil rushed to the scene to close the road at the point known as Volta Llarga and in the direction of the port of sa Calobra.

Operatives from the Council of Mallorca’s Roads Department are in the clearing the debris.
For the moment, the Council of Mallorca does not know how long the road will remain closed.
Apart from cyclists, F1 legend Lewis Hamilton filmed part of a Mercedes advert on the stretch of road.