Police in the area of Parc de Ses Estacions on Tuesday. | MDB


The police in Palma are concerned about a wave of incidents involving two dangerous gangs. On Tuesday night, there were four serious clashes involving members of these gangs in different parts of the city.

Over twenty officers from the Palma police force were deployed in the vicinity of Parc de Ses Estacions. Reinforcements were needed, which included a number of National Police officers. The gangs, whose members are Dominican, Colombian, Ecuadorian and Brazilian, were carrying knives, machetes and baseball bats.

Oher incidents occurred in Plaça Serralta and Plaça Alexander Fleming. Several arrests were made.

The gangs are said to be fighting for control of various areas of Palma. The police have identified them as the BPL and El Caserío 24/7; this latter gang includes one-time squatters in the old bank branch on Avda. Sant Ferran.