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The latest figures from the College of Registrars show that foreign home buying in the Balearics in 2022 reached its highest level since the college started to provide these figures ten years ago. The 6,133 purchases were 34.4% of the annual total, the second highest percentage behind 35.6% (based on 3,784 purchases) in 2015.

In the final quarter of 2022 there was a 4.7% increase in sales to foreign buyers. This came after a decrease of 3.2% in the third quarter. For the year as a whole, these sales were up 22.4% compared with 2021.

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The increase in October to December is perhaps something of a surprise, as forecasts had been for a continuation of the weak sales in the third quarter.

The Balearics percentage for the whole year was some way above the second highest in Spain - 28.6% in the Canaries. For the purpose of these figures, the Balearic Islands are treated as both a region and a province. At a provincial level, only Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Alicante (41.7%) had higher percentages of foreign purchases.