The National Police investigation started in 2019. | Archive


The National Police's economic and technological crime group has arrested 31 people charged with belonging to an organisation that defrauded companies of some three million euros.

Based in Mallorca, the gang hacked company email accounts and websites, accessed commercial information and impersonated company identities in diverting funds to accounts that it controlled. The fraud was on an international scale.

The investigation began in Mallorca in 2019 and was assisted by officers from Madrid who travelled to Palma. A total of 79 people across Spain were initially placed under investigation. The first arrest was made on January 26 this year. Identified as F.A., a 44-year-old Nigerian citizen, he was the holder of an account to which 324,000 dollars had been transferred and was one of various 'mules' commanded by two individuals.

F.A. collaborated with the police, provided them with information about subsequent transfers of money and identified the leader of the organisation - G.C., also Nigerian.

On February 13, the police mounted a simultaneous operation in seven Spanish provinces. G.C. is alleged to have been the person who provided the means to others to receive money in their bank accounts through deceit and false promises and without warning them of its illegal origin. He is said to have threatened and coerced the recipients in case they refused to forward the funds.