The deputy spokesman for MÉS per Mallorca, Josep Ferrà. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The deputy spokesman for MÉS per Mallorca, Josep Ferrà, made it clear today that his party supports the proposal to prohibit the purchase of housing by non-residents included in the white paper on housing that will be defended by Unidas Podemos in the plenary session of the Balearic Parliament tomorrow ( Tuesday), indicating that they are “absolutely in agreement” with limiting, “or even prohibiting” the purchase of housing by non-residents in the Balearics.

Ferrà stressed that his party “will have to force the government a little” to apply “brave” active housing policies because “the PSIB (coalition ruling Socialist party) is not comfortable with these policies”.

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He also said that the current constitution is out of date and that it should recognise, such as, for example, that housing is a fundamental right”, Ferrà said at a press conference.

As a result the party wants to reform the Constitution and bring it up to date and that there should be a new reform of the Statute of Autonomy, which recognises fundamental rights such as housing, financing and collective, personal and territorial rights, which were not included in the last reform of 2007. In short he wants the Balearics to have more of a say of what happens in the region and not Madrid.