Former judge Manuel Penalva and anti-corruption prosecutor Miguel Ángel Subirán. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Manuel Penalva and Miguel Ángel Subirán were respectively the judge and anti-corruption prosecutor who were removed from the 'Cursach case' and who, following the collapse of the trial of BCM owner Tolo Cursach and others, face accusations that could result in sentences of more than one hundred years; illegal arrests are among these accusations.

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In a defence brief that runs to one hundred pages and which has been presented to the Balearic High Court, they mount an attack on the anti-corruption prosecutor's office and specifically on prosecutor Tomás Herranz. They demand that he be recused for an alleged loss of impartiality.

They go on to accuse Herranz of an "undignified" performance in the trial and of "emptying" it of content with the withdrawal of witnesses. They also have words for another prosecutor, Juan Carrau. who they say torpedoed the Cursach investigation.