Levi Davis went missing in Barcelona after leaving Ibiza. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The search for missing British rugby player and X-Factor singer Levi Davis continues with a close friend in Ibiza, with whom he stayed before catching a ferry to Barcelona and has not been seen since, has made a plea for help from the public and the authorities to find Davis.

Davis’ friend Richard Squire has been leading appeals to locate the 24-year-old.
Ten days after travelling to Squire’s Ibiza home on October 19, Davis announced to his close friend he was going to catch a boat off the island and travel to Barcelona.

Davis - who plays for Rugby Union team Worthing Raiders - was last seen filming a video at The Old Irish Pub, off the Catalan capital’s tourist street La Rambla.

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Squire said: “He announced suddenly that he was going to meet friends in Barcelona. But he didn’t say who they were and we haven’t heard from him since I received a video from the Irish pub on October 29.

“There’s been no word from him since and his family and everyone who knows him is getting increasingly worried.”

A spokesperson has informed the BBC that Davis remains a missing person but detectives will now examine if there is any foul play.
Catalan Police revealed the case has “disturbing issues” with “no logical explanation”.