Hundreds of trees have been damaged. | MDB


Martí Solivellas is president of the Pollensa Cooperative. He says that in all his seventy years he has "never seen anything like" what has been caused by Storm Juliette.

"The outlook is bleak. Trees are going to take many years to return to bear the fruit they have been until now." The weight of snow, the cold, the winds have most affected one-hundred-year-old olive trees as well as oaks and carob trees.

The damaged carob trees, he says, will take up to six years to regain the same level of production. For the olives, it will take longer - some ten years for them to be producing in a normal way.

The cooperative will work to save the trees that can be recovered but many olive trees will have to be pruned significantly. This will create a problem because mountain goats will be able to climb their branches, which will slow down recovery.