At least one arrest has been made. | Teresa Ayuga


On Thursday, National Police officers from Madrid and Palma carried out an anti-terrorist operation related to alleged Islamists in Campos.

The officers searched a property on C. Jaume II and one person is in custody. He is reportedly a Spanish-born man of Moroccan origin.

National Police at the scene.

Police seized documentation and searched for electronic devices that could have been used by the suspect. The Audiencia Nacional high court in Madrid authorised the entry and search of the property.

According to the mayor of Campos, Xisca Porquer, the arrested man is not a resident of Campos but "arrived here yesterday for the first time".

He is accused of a crime of indoctrination and another of terrorist threats and is due in court.

The mayor held a meeting on Thursday afternoon with National Police commanders, who assured her that the situation was under control and that there was no danger to residents".

"The operation is under police secrecy and we can't say anything, but we have had a big scare. We don't want to be on the front page of newspapers and on television for these reasons," she concluded.