The Bulletin received yet another report of a carjacking involving vehicles coming off the Palma to Barcelona ferry in Barcelona. This is the story of the latest victim.

"Three weeks ago we took our car on the ferry from Alcudia to Barcelona heading for Andorra. Nice big black SUV with Swedish registered plates and ski rack on top. Family inside - Easy catch.

"One of our rear tyres was "knifed" by someone on the ferry car deck crew just before our arrival in Barcelona. Partners in crime were waiting at the dockside ready to follow. We drove off the ferry and up on the highway. Five minutes later a tyre low pressure warning came on. We left the highway and parked at a petrol station to address the problem. The rest of the story unfolded exactly as for the British couple in your recent article. (Item stolen from the vehicle). In detail exactly the same. When we realized what had happened we were just too tired of the whole ordeal and had no interest in hours of filing a report at some police station. We did however later contact the ferry company to let them know what happened on their watch. No reply from the ferry company yet.

"We will never set our feet on a Barcelona ferry again and never ever travel through Barcelona. After our week in Andorra we arranged for a couple of guys to take the car back to Mallorca. We took Vueling."