Image of a man pushing a baby, unrelated to the case. | Pere Bota


A Palma court has ordered a doctor and an insurance company to pay 137,628.46 euros to a man who had undergone a vasectomy yet got his wife pregnant.

In March 2019, the couple had their second child. They decided that they didn't want more children, so the husband had a vasectomy, which cost 400 euros. Three months later, the doctor informed his wife that tests showed that they could resume intercourse without needing contraceptive methods.

When the woman started to suffer bouts of nausea, she took a pregnancy test and a second one. Both were positive. The court noted that this had "a tremendous emotional impact on the couple and the family". The husband was to subsequently have his own test, one which confirmed that he was the father.

The doctor who had performed the vasectomy apologised to him, adding that "this is what insurance is for" and offering to operate again "at no cost". The offer was refused.

The court took into account the cost of child support until the age of majority, arriving at a figure of 137,628.46 euros by way of compensation.