The debate about the use of scooters certainly isn't confined to just Palma. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Since 2021, the Balearics have registered the highest number of serious accidents involving scooters in Spain (per head of population).

While scooters are promoted as an environmentally friendly means of transport, the social debate is far more concerned with the potential for accidents and with enforcement of regulations. On the streets of Palma, one resident, Sergio Llofriu, believes that the law has not kept up with the technology. "I have the feeling that administrations like Palma town hall have been unable to manage and integrate scooters properly." As an example, he wonders why there are no pedestrian crossings on bike lanes; crossings that would stop both scooters and bikes.

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Xisca Palmer says that there are times when "you have to get out of their way". She wants better control of scooters and not just on the streets. "Many users take them on buses, and they can occupy two or three seats." She also feels that regulations don't reflect the realities of how it is on the streets.

One scooter user, David Abellán, doesn't disagree. "There are many who break the rules. No matter how much it's said that they can't do more than 30km/h, they go over the limit because they don't believe they'll be fined." He himself admits to having had "the odd scare", but fortunately nothing serious.